Our logo is a stylized emblem of Izola. It depicts a white dove with an olive branch in its beak, flying over the island. The island represents Izola, and the image is taken from an old story, when, in 1380, the Genoese were approaching the city in order to attack it. The people of Izola have sought refuge in prayer to St. Maurus, the patron saint of Izola in order to save them from danger. He answered their prayers and sent them a dense fog which has covered the island. Izola thus became invisible for the attackers; all they could see was a white dove flying towards them. They followed it, thinking that it will lead them to Izola, but in fact it took them away from the city. After some time the dove returned and landed on the tower of St. Maurus church with an olive branch in its beak, which was a sign that the danger has passed. Thus, the dove that saved Izola from the danger is a symbol of peace.
Connection with tradition and our relationship to the city of Izola contribute to the fact that our trademark derives from the coat of arms of Izola. We gave it the shape heart, since four generations of our family have been in love with olives, whose biophenols protect the heart and blood vessels.