Family Business


We are most certain that there’s more to olive growing and production of olive oil than technical or agricultural terms can describe. It’s an art inspired by love we feel for this precious natural nectar, love that is carried on from generation to generation, a personal, loving relationship, like the one between our family members.

The utmost respect for olive trees and oil is being passed on from generation to generation, along with experience gained through both success and adversities. The distinguished Olivo is thus a high quality olive oil providing numerous health benefits. Olivo is our Nono’s name; it’s a family brand, a blend of typical Istrian customs and modern innovative approach. Environmental respect is an integral part of our tradition; therefore handwork takes precedence over the mechanical engineering, natural agents over the chemical ones. Mechanical methods are used for cold pressed oil only, according to the European Certificate of Origin.  Our friends, acquaintances and relatives initiated the idea and in 2012 the decision was made to respond to demands for high quality Slovenian food and thus to put our olive oil on the market. Production, processing and sales activities are carried out by ourselves, yet our family business is operating with network of friends and partners in order to provide the customers with excellent products „from the tree to the table“. The tradition has been thus ennobled and enriched by the advanced technological procedures providing the best quality oil for all those who want to indulge in the flavours of our soil. Tata Boris has been devoted to olive trees for more than twenty years and has been gaining the experience through education and by attending specialized seminars. His loving attitude to olive growing has been inherited by both of his sons.