Retention and Use


Oil must be stored in a dark, dry place at a temperature between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius. It usually has 18 months of shelf life; the period which allows the oil to preserve the unique flavour. Over time, the original fatty acid composition of the oil does not change, however, the content of the aroma, flavour and colour substances diminish. The oil is edible after the expiration date, but will gradually lose the best beneficial effects.

It must be kept in original packaging in order to preserve its flavour and aroma. If necessary, you can also decant it in another jar, but be careful that it’s a glass or a ceramic, and clean one. We recommend that you buy oil in small packs, and thus always enjoy a fresh product. Once the bottle is open it is the best to use it within a few weeks or a maximum of one month.
Due to its composition and flavour olive oil can be used in the preparation of Mediterranean dishes as well as many other everyday dishes or specialties.